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Is Heat Build up a potential problem when you install a storm door over a steel or fiberglass entry door? We have a possible answer and that is using our storm door mounted Titan Heat Vent! 

Hot air that is trapped in between the storm door and entry door leading to condensation build-up, damage to the entry door’s paint finish or glazing bead, especially visible on inexpensive entry door brands. With the help of our trickle vent, the Titan Heat Vent, the hot air is given a path to exit. On the inside top frame of the storm door,  a sliding vent cap can be opened during the summer and closed during the winter. All aluminum, no plastic, this low profile device is easy to use, unobtrusive and factory paintable to match our storm and entry door colors.

Other factors can contribute to heat build-up between the house and storm door:  Dark finished entry doors, sun exposure, even the tight fit when closed of the entry and storm door.  The Titan vent can help release heat but it has its limitations.1  

See our storm doors for your choice of styles available with the Titan Heat Vent!


  1. Bonded makes no representation as to theTitan Heat Vent alleviating a trapped heat issue.  Damage to a fiberglass or steel entry door finish or glazing seals can occur due to heat build up.  Consult your dealer for more information.